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Dart Cabinet Design

*Grizzly Dart Board Cabinet

*Grizzly Dart Board Cabinet

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The Grizzly Dart Board Cabinet is our full stand-up, CNC machined cabinet made to look sleek and clean in any dart room, man-cave, office, or basement. 

This cabinet comes with a 24" size screen.

The Electronic Gran Board 3s is the best home board on the market. Features LED ring lighting, Sound dampening segments, Quality App, Stat tracking, Bluetooth technology, and Online play so you can play anyone around the world 24/7 to sharpen your dart skills. 

Dimensions: 83.5" H x 26" W x 20" D at base

What's Included:

The Grizzly Dart Cabinet includes the Simple Operating System, Webcam, and Screen Protector.

Color Options:

1. Black

2. Dark Brown (+$100)

3. White

Gran Board Options: You are able to purchase the cabinet and set-up without a Gran Board purchase.

1. Gran Board 3s - Blue

2. Gran Board 3s - Green

3. Gran Board 3s - White

4. Gran Board 132 (13 inch)

5. Gran Board Dash - Blue

6. Gran Board Dash - Green

There are additional upgrades ($) that give you a better playing experience:

-Gran Cam / Online Kit (+$135)

-Upgraded Operating System (+$75)

-Back-Wall Lighting (+$75)

-Laser Toe Line (+$60)

If you have questions or want additional customization, feel free to shoot us an email!

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