Wyatt P. (WI)

    I bought my dart cabinet from Alex back in 2019 and I can honestly say it has made me a better dart player. I used to have a generic dart board from Walmart that I would shoot on here and there but once Alex set me up with his cabinet, it made me want to shoot and practice more at home. The cabinet itself is great quality and he provides everything you need right from the start. He even made my cabinet slightly different than most so that it would fit right where I wanted it in my basement, which had a low ceiling. Overall, I can't recommend Alex enough if you're looking to bring your dart setup to the next level.

    Custom Build w/ Gran Board 3s

    Matthew D. (WI)

    Love this dart board (granted, it is the first one I have ever owned but nevertheless it is excellent quality). Built extremely well and made to last. It's really user-friendly, and anyone can operate it. I would recommend it for any skill level.

    Maverick w/ Gran Board Dash

    Bonnie D. (WI)

    We bought a dart board from Alex and we love it. The quality and workmanship is top notch. We can play against other family or friends online. If we have any type of an issue, the customer support is top notch. He's there to help walk us through and teach us as we are not as tech-savvy as others. 

    Maverick XL w/ Gran Board 3s

    Candie P. (WI)

    This dart board was custom-made for me by Alex. Super fun at parties. I usually throw by myself or online.  Great custom work Alex! 

    Custom Board w/ Gran Board 3s

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