About Us

In 2019 we were looking for a home dart board setup with online capability's. We wanted something that had a big screen and was easy to play. We looked and looked but couldn't find anything that fit our criteria. The bar dart boards were big heavy and expensive, and you couldn't play online with them at home. Other cheaper boards you couldn't play online with or had a very small screen.

We decided to build one ourselves and hang it on our wall. It took up a lot less room, had a big screen, matched our home décor, and was very affordable. We got tons of compliments and requests to make other people a setup like that. So at the end of 2019 I started building complete cabinets for people. We pride ourselves on making a cool conversational piece for any rec room that exceeds our customers expectations. We look at this business as a wonderful way to get people to come together and enjoy the game of darts as our family has for many years.